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Sage Workspace is a NYC based firm offering innovative solutions for companies needing flexible office spaces and coworking spaces NYC locations. We offer convenient short term office rental NYC services and workspace solutions for companies seeking access to a temporary office space NYC location without the long term commitment. With our modern office solutions, your business can focus on increasing business productivity instead of on the rising costs of office space rent in New York City. Whether you are looking for the best virtual office space NYC offers or training rooms for rent, NYC businesses can find just what they need and more.

An affordable option to long term office rentals

At Sage Workspace, we understand that when it comes to meeting rooms for rent, NYC businesses want the most affordable choices. That is why we offer the cheap meeting rooms NYC companies can utilize as well as cheap virtual office NYC solutions. Our workspace rental NYC service offers the best meeting room venues New York City has to offer. Each meeting space rental NYC room is well decorated and impeccably cleaned. Whether you are searching for training room rentals NYC services, conference venues, NYC spaces or an hourly office space, NYC location, we have just what you need.

Prestigious Virtual Offices NYC Addresses

When it comes to getting a cheap virtual address, NYC addresses command the most attention. We can help you put your best face forward while saving on the costs of an actual office space for rent NYC location. Our virtual office services NYC companies can benefit from include a virtual business address NYC zip code that is fully verifiable. Your virtual office address NYC location will make it seem as though your company has a prestigious office located right in New York City. Avoid the long term commitment and added cost by taking advantage of our virtual office rental NYC service.

Sage Shared Workspace

Whether your company is a startup or an expanding enterprise, a shared office space NYC address may offer the perfect solution. Sage can provide the shared workspace NYC companies need at an affordable rate. Look to Sage Workspace to provide the best conference room rental NYC has to offer as well as the best meeting room rental NYC service. We are proud to have the outstanding conference rooms for rent NYC businesses need at affordable rates. Give us a call at (212) 683-9100 to get started today.


Sage Workspace by the Hour or Day

Read, write, think, prepare, talk, strategize, code, count… Head down, nose to the grind stone… Meditate, take a snooze…

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Virtual Office Space on Fifth Avenue

Independent consultants, startups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, international businesses, legal, real estate & insurance professionals, graphic designers, software programmers, trainers, coaches…

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Meeting Space On-Demand

Consulting, training, coaching, advising, interviewing, ideating, meeting, presenting, translating, producing, developing, liaising, processing, programming, coding filming…

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NYC office spaces

Sage Workspace

Private, quiet work space near the Flatiron District is just a click away. Say goodbye to crowded, noisy coffee shops and find comfort and privacy in one of our private offices by the hour, day or longer. Regardless of task, be productive and comfortable, get reliable WiFi, power and the support services you need.

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Sage Virtual Offices

Sage Virtual Office plans are a great solution for businesses in need of a Manhattan business address without long term commitment & financial risk. Sage VOP packages begin with a simple business address or upgrade to a package with mail handling, phone reception, access to meeting space and more.

Virtual Offices Start at $25

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NYC meeting rooms

Sage Meeting Space

Quiet meeting space in NYC is a rare find. Finding it easily is a beautiful thing. Sage Workspace offers meeting rooms on demand, including WiFi and audio/visual services. We also provide a wide range of administrative support services to help you be more productive.

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Today’s mobile, freelance and sharing workforce in New York City requires affordable work and meeting space without a commitment to long-term office space contracts or monthly membership fees.